Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (6)


I really enjoyed this newest edition to the Harry Potter saga. It has already been observed that the story is getting darker the further it goes. But movie six does a good job of balancing this darkness with light-hearted humor.

It is Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwart's and he is invited to have special classes with Professor Dumbeldore. In preparation for a final showdown with Voldemort, Dumbeldore and Harry work together to unravel the Dark Lord's mysterious past by reconstructing memories. They hope to learn the secret to Voldemort's destruction. Meanwhile teenage romance abounds and Professor Snape continues to make us ask the question: "Who's side is that guy on?"

The pacing of this one was slower than the other movies. There was less action and more dialogue and exposition. It has the atmosphere of the "calm before the storm." Even the epic climax had a serene feel to it. Overall I really liked it, I added the "minus" to the A that i gave mostly for it's removal of what I thought were some exciting action scenes from the book. Although it is rated PG, there is one scene near the end which will definitely scare small children.